Thread Measuring

Innovative thread measuring equipment for global industry

  • Groove Diameter and Groove Width Gauges Face Grooves
    These gauges adjust to cover all sizes of R, RX, and BX ring grooves. The standard gauge measures groove diameters from 2.6-13" and groove widths from 0.375-1.5". Optional rails extend the range of diameters from 13-37". The face groove gauges accurately measure the ring groove diameter and width at the critical sealing point of the face groove. Gauge indicators show actual deviation from a preset master dimension. The BX-1000 can be used to measure straight or tapered groove diameters, shallow bores, and hole locations. Contact points included are .188". The BXG-1000 measures widths of straight or tapered grooves and includes .072" contact points.
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  • Setting Blocks - Mic Trac
    The Gagemaker MIC TRAC is a multi-use gauge setting system. The system sets or zeros most gauges with the use of interchangeable anvils or blocks. Standard resolution of base unit is 0.00005". Accuracies range from +/- 0.0001" to +/- 0.0004". The MIC TRAC is also available as a multi-use gauge calibration system. These MIC TRACs incorporate the ForeLok™ feature to provide a constant anvil force that improves repeatability from operator to operator. Please ask the Bowers sales team for details.
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  • ACME and STUB ACME Thread Rolls
    TRA & TRSA thread rolls inspect the functional fit of parts with 29° ACME and STUB ACME threadforms.
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  • Contact Points
    Gagemaker's standard ball contact points are manufactured with spherical chrome balls with threaded shanks of 4-48 UNF. Contact sizes are matched closely to thread inspection wire sizes. The contact diameters listed are used in the TDWIN Thread Disk for Windows software program for pitch diameter inspection.
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