Quality Metrology Equipment for the Energy Industry

The energy industry has been an expanding market for Bowers Group in recent times, with much effort and innovation invested into developing products that can be utilised in offshore applications . It is absolutely imperative that businesses operating in the oil and gas sector uphold the highest levels of quality, recordkeeping and traceability. Critical oil and gas precision components must, therefore, utilise accurate and reliable metrology systems.

API Thread Measurement

Bowers Group is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the Gagemaker product line in the UK. As the industry standard for API pipe thread measurement, the Gagemaker product range includes quality thread inspection equipment for the energy industry. Their thread inspection systems have the capacity to inspect all required thread elements with the precision and accuracy required in this demanding industry, including insert identification thread form, crest diameter and ovality, thread lead, thread height and thread taper.

Deep Hole Measurement

Deep hole measurement equipment is another major product sold by Bowers Group to the oil and gas industry. With stringent quality controls for safety within the industry, high standards are demanded at all stages of production. Bowers Group’s deep hole measurement equipment ensures high accuracy measurement for depths of up to 15 metres.

Accurate Gauging Instruments for the Oil and Gas Industry

Bowers Group also have the capacity to provide special anvils in order to measure key features that cannot be accommodated with standard products. In addition, the Bowers Group range includes coating and wall thickness gauges, which are also popular instruments within this industry.

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