Baty SM20 - Profile Projector

Baty SM20 - Profile Projector

The Baty SM20 is a vertical light path floor standing profile projector with a 500mm / 20” screen which features a large heavy duty high precision workstage with 250mm x 125mm measuring range and a 0.5 micron resolution.

• 500mm screen with 90 degree crosslines and chart clips
• Angled screen for easy viewing
• Profile illumination with halogen lamp and green filter
• Surface illumination through twin fibre optics for bright full colour surface inspection
• Single lens mounting
• Lens magnification choice: 5x, 10x, 20x, 25x, 50x and 100x
• Helix adjustment of light source for accurate thread form projection
• Large stage travel 10"(250mm) x 5"(125mm)
• Digital angle measurement
• 0.5 micron resolution

Projector Type SM20
Magnification 10x 20x 25x x25 50x 100x
Condenser L L L S S S
Field of view 50 25 20 20 10 5
Max diameter 200 200 200 200 180 85
Max focal pane height (profile lighting) 205 203 218 254 240 195
Max end mill height (surface lighting) 150 153 153 155 150 150


Code No. Description Functions
SM20-XLS Vertical projector with Acu-rite DC102 readout Basic X, Y and rotation measurement
SM20-FT2 Vertical projector with Fusion 2D touch screen DRO As FT2-E without optical edge detection
SM20-GXL Vertical projector with Metlogix MX200 Readout Geometric measurement functions and tolerancing
SM20-FT2-E Vertical projector with Fusion 2D touch screen DRO & optical edge detection Windows 22" touch screen with full reporting and optical edge detection