Specialised Measurement Instruments for the Packaging Industry

Packaging is key to the success of a product; not only should it be practical and fit for purpose, it also needs to encourage customers to buy. The role of packaging has expanded further over recent years, with requirements including machine identification and the promotion of additional information.

Process Control and Quality Assurance

The industry’s unique needs of process control and quality assurance must be satisfied with high-accuracy precision measurement equipment, ensuring that the products manufactured meet the highest standards of visual precision and reliability.

Metrology Solutions for Global Packaging Leaders

Bowers Group offers a variety of specialised metrology instruments for the packaging industry, providing global packaging leaders with efficient modern metrology systems for repeatable, accurate measurements. Our gauges help businesses all over the world measure the crimp height of cans, and the wall thickness of plastic bottles. The systems division at Bowers Group has developed fixtures for the high volume measurement of aerosols and plastic caps, and turnkey solutions for the measurement of CD/DVD packaging have been designed with the facility to measure all dimensions and weights.

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