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Moore & Wright have been producing high quality, affordable hand tools for over 100 years to suit many workshop needs from 0-25mm analogue external micrometers to larger, digital versions with USB output.

We have also welcomed the brand new Bowers DigiMic into the range, a powerful and efficient Bluetooth external micrometer that is designed to make measurement taking quick and easy, even in the harshest environments.

  • DigiMic - Digital External Micrometer
    Making External Measurement Quick and Easy Bowers Group has extended its own manufactured core product range with the introduction of DigiMic, the Bowers digital micrometer. This device boasts an impressive accuracy of 2 μm max permissible error and 2 μm max error range. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, the DigiMic is an exceptionally robust micrometer, suitable for use in the harshest environments. DigiMic is manufactured with IP67 protection rating making it equally functional in a clean room or the factory floor. The extra-large digital display makes reading data straightforward; the user has an immediate visual confirmation of measurement in hand. Interconnected The DigiMic belongs to Bowers Group’s existing range of Bluetooth ready products, including Bowers bore gauges and Sylvac hand tools. This bi-directional communication capability enables users to link the DigiMic with a range of IOT ready products. Options include Sylvac's Sylcom software products which range from a free APP enabling data collection on a smart phone or tablet, to a comprehensive multi-gauge package making data capture for every dimension on the part easy, and reporting efficient. Features • Bluetooth IOT ready • Compatible with Sylcom software and free mobile app • IP67 protection rating • Resolution 0.001mm • Accuracy - Max permissible error = 2 μm, max error range = 2 μm • Large LCD display • mm / inch conversion • Solid Carbide contact faces • Rotary Encoder & Spindle • Spindle Ø 6.5 mm • CR2032 lithium battery • UKAS to BS 870 certification • Exceeds DIN863/1 & ISO3611 Size Ranges and Further Features Using the micrometer has been made as simple as possible with minimal set up required. To reduce the battery consumption without losing the current reference position, a standby mode is automatically activated after 10 minutes of downtime. DigiMic has an automatic wake up activated by movement on the thimble. This initial launch is for the 0 – 25mm, however incremental sizes up to 100mm will be available in the near future. DigiMic will be sold singularly or in sets. Download PDF
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