• Bowers Straight Edges & Parallels
    Manufactured out of spring steel these straight edges are precision ground.
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  • Bowers Steel Rules & Tapes
    Graduated Steel Straight Edge Manufactured to DIN 866/1 the gauging surfaces have been precision ground. The clear and easy to read metric graduations start 5mm in from the ends.
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  • Bowers Slip Gauges
    A full range of different set compositions, grades and materials all manufactured to BS 4311:1993 or DIN861. Popular sizes are available in either Imperial or Metric sets and can be made from Steel, Carbide or Ceramic. Individual sizes also available. Slip Gauges are supplied either in sets or individually. Sets are supplied complete in a fitted wooden box with sizes marked. Each set is supplied complete with a calibration certificate of accuracy. Steel slips must be cleaned after use to avoid corrosion. Due to their extra hardness, carbide slips can last up to 5 or 6 times longer and do not suffer from the same potential corrosion problems as their steel counterparts.
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