Hardness Testing

With so many materials and applications in the world, you need to know that you can trust your products are durable and do what your engineers designed them to do. Manufacturers rely on results from hardness testing and international safety standards require materials to have a specific hardness or stiffness. Different metals need to be tested according to different hardness testing standards, whether it’s using a Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers or a Universal machine. Bowers Group have a variety of portable, bench and floor models in our product range to provide a solution for your hardness testing needs, whatever it may be.

  • Universal Hardness Tester VERZUS 700 Series
    The VERZUS 700 series is a new generation of hardness testing machines. Featuring closed loop system based on a precision load cell, guarantees the best GR & R results ever seen on Universal hardness testers. Test forces ranging from 1 to 250kgf.
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  • Universal Hardness Tester NEXUS 8000 Series from Innovatest
    The NEXUS 8000 Series, from Innovatest can be used for all hardness procedures according to standards Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Knoop. But it is also capable of ball and indentation hardness testing for thermoplastics and the new Vickers depth (HVT) and Brinell depth (HBT) procedures. The NEXUS 8000 universal hardness testers include all standard hardness testing methods between 1kgf - 250kgf(8001), 3kgf - 750kgf(8002), 10kgf - 3000kgf(8003). All procedures meet or exceed DIN, ISO, ASTM and JIS standards.
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  • Heavy Duty Universal and Brinell Hardness Tester NEXUS 8000XL Series
    The sturdy design of the NEXUS 8000XL Series allows rough workshop conditions. The tester can be used for measuring hardness according to global standards in most of the common hardness scales:Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Knoop. But it is also capable of ball and indentation hardness testing for thermoplastics and the Vickers depth (HVT) and Brinell depth (HBT) procedures. The NEXUS 8000XL Universal hardness testers applies all common test forces between 1kgf - 250kgf (8001XL), 3kgf - 750kgf (8002XL), 10kgf - 3000kgf (8003XL). All procedures meet or exceed DIN, ISO, ASTM and JIS standards.
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  • Universal Hardness Tester NEMESIS 9500 Series, by Innovatest
    The NEMESIS 9500 is the universal hardness tester most suitable for heavy duty testing in the Eseway standard range of testers. Partly based on the technology of the NEMESIS 9000. Built for tough environments, the floor type welded frame reaches a height of 2 meters and offers a work space of not less than 650mm height and a throat depth of 300mm. Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell, but also pure depth test methods such as H, HVT and HBT are part of the standard test procedures of the NEMESIS 9500. 3 models cover a range of test loads either up to 250kgf, 750kgf or 3000kgf. The frame of the NEMESIS 9500 is equipped with a heavy duty motorised spindle, allowing positioning of the test piece on the required working height. The NEMESIS 9500 has a descending test head allowing each test piece to be tested on an ergonomic working height. The linear actuator of the NEMESIS 9500 is equipped with a load cell closed loop system guaranteeing excellent accuracy and a wide range of fast testing procedures. The test head is equipped with a 6 positions modular turret (indenters and objectives) and an optical zoom video system with 5mp HD camera. High performance PC driven automatic and manual indent measurement with automatic filing and storage functions. Refined algorithms for automatic measurement on materials normally less suitable for automatic measurement. Three years free firmware upgrade as standard.
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  • Premium Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester EW-105 Series
    Motorised turret with analogue measurement microscope and easy-to-use integrated hardness calculator.
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  • Premium Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester EW-110/A2 Series
    Motorised turret with analogue measurement microscope and easy-to-use integrated hardness calculator.
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  • Micro/Macro Vickers Hardness Tester FALCON 500 Series from Innovatest
    The FALCON 500 series, Micro Vickers, Vickers and Micro Brinell hardness testing machines improve conventional hardness testing methods and focus on eliminating user influence on the test results. The unique force actuator system utilizes an electronically controlled closed loop system and advanced force sensor technology to achieve absolute accuracy, reliability and repeatability, on each of the forces used for a test. IMPRESSIONS software allows file storing, test program setting and storing, image zoom, auto focus, limit settings, conversions to other hardness scales, system setup and (remote) control, pattern testing (CHD/Nht/Rht) and widely contributes to the high reproducibility of test results. Fully automatic image evaluation combined with intuitive operator software avoid operator influence on the test results.
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  • Premium Closed Loop Micro/Macro Vickers, Knoop, Brinell Hardness Tester EW-150 Series
    High-end Vickers/Knoop/Brinell hardness testers with low and high forces ranging from HV0.02 to HV50. The EW-150 series features state of the art Closed Loop, Load Cell, and Force feedback technology for a reliable fast measurement procedure.
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  • ESEWAY 'ROCKMATIC' Rockwell / Brinell Hardness Tester
    The ESEWAY ROCKMATIC is a new generation of hardness testing machine. The tester’s main body is a rugged casting which incorporates a load cell, closed loop force actuator that provides continuous force feedback information to the advanced electronics.
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  • Micro/Macro Vickers and Low Force Brinell Hardness Tester, by Innovatest
    The FALCON 5000 is the most revolutionary, advanced and powerful Micro Vickers, Vickers hardness testing machine currently available. Apart from Micro Vickers, Vickers, Knoop and low force Brinell scales, configuration of the FALCON 5000 is freely definable and offers flawless upgrades to hardness testing according to standards of Superficial Rockwell, regular Rockwell & higher force Brinell hardness scales. In its ultimate configuration and most advanced version, the FALCON 5000 offers fully automatic advanced coordinate pattern, weld pattern and free style testing of metallic and plastic parts in any common hardness scale; • Micro Vickers • Vickers • Knoop • Superficial Rockwell • Rockwell • KIC fracture toughness • Brinell • HVT (Vickers depth) • HBT (Brinell depth) • ISO 2039 1 & 2 for plastics Test Force Versus Model Number The servo driven testers forced actuator allows test forces from 10gf up to 250kgf, currently unique to the world market. INNOVATEST® has designed its own ultra-precise load cells and force control electronics that are the foundation of this new product. The load/force actuator driven by top class servo technology positions the test head at light speed and at sub-micron level accuracy, in any required position. Overview Camera & Pattern Testing Standard Overview Camera Perfect “live” stage overview. Make any fixed pattern or design custom patterns. Multi pattern testing on multi samples, based on live overview and macro viewing technology. Copy test patterns, modify or “drag & drop” patterns from one test sample to the other test sample. Live vision technique over zoom and macro cameras, no image stitching required. Edge recognition (Optional) allows to make a test pattern following the test sample surface line. Single Measurement This function allows you to set individual test points wherever you like. The test measurement can be started using the surface view or the overview. Serial Measurement One or more test rows with positioning coordinates can be recorded. The measuring process can be started in the surface view or the overview. CHD/Nht/Rht Measurement For the performance of test series for CHD/Nht/Rht data of specimen according to standard. The test can be started directly from the surface view or from the overview. Additional core points of hardness can be defined separately for Nht measurements. Weld Inspection ISO setup for testing of the heat affected zones of welded samples. Overview & Full View Zoom Cameras The standard overview / full view autofocus zoom cameras with additional surface illumination, ensure a perfect overview or full view on your sample or samples. IMPRESSIONS “click and go” functionality allows random test point selection on the screen, while the high speed motorised CNC X-Y stage perfectly positions the selected test point under the indenter and measuring objective.
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