• Baty Indicator Test Sets - Plunger
    These are versatile instruments with countless uses in workshops and inspection departments; for example, concentricity checks, marking-out table and surface plate work, alignment of machine tools, testing, parallelism, etc.
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  • Baty Crankshaft Alignment Gauge Set
    If an engine crankshaft is not correctly aligned in its bearings, it distorts and becomes subject to damaging stresses. Any misalignment causes a change in the distance between webs when the shaft revolves and can be detected by placing an indicating device between the webs. The Baty crankshaft alignment gauge is designed for this purpose. Its contacts are pointed and fit into dimples in the webs. A heavy spring pressure ensures that the gauge is retained but is free to turn in relation to the crankshaft and an adjustable balance weight restrains the gauge against rotation of the crankshaft so that the dial always faces the inspector.
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  • Contact Points
    Bowers offers a wide selection of quality contact points to suit all analogue and digital indicators transducer probes, etc. containing standard M2.5 thread. (S) = Steel (T/C) = Tungsten Carbide
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