Tradtional External Micrometer

Tradtional External Micrometer

Standard: BS870, DIN 863/1, ISO361

All models feature
• Tungsten carbide measuring faces
• 6.5mm spindle diameter
• Speeder type ratchet
• Locking lever
• Choice of standard or vernier type sleeve
• Tapered bow frame
• Supplied in plastic pocket case
• Adjusting key
• Capacity from 0-25mm / 0-1"
• Blue textured frame finish

Micrometer Range Max Size up to Measuring Faces - Flatness Measuring Faces - Parallelism Screw Pitch - Accuracy
25mm 0.001mm 0.003mm 0.003mm
1inch 0.00005inch 0.0001inch 0.0001inch


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