Wireless Transmission Receiver
  • Wireless Transmission Receiver
  • Wireless Transmission Receiver

Wireless Transmission Receiver

Allowing the wireless transmission of measurement values from gauge to PC, the IBRit-rf1 Radio Module is the latest development in
interface technologies.
Communicating with up to 120 gauges, and with a maximum transmission distance of up to 200m, the wireless data transfer module connects via a port to your PC. The PC transmits address numbers to each gauge radio module where they are stored. The transmission of a measurement value is triggered simply by pressing the data key on the gauge module or on the gauge itself. An audible tone and visible light confirms a successful data transmission. Special data coding between the PC and the gauge radio module guarantees absolute data security.

Special versions of radio modules
Gauge radio modules with external antenna The Standard IBRit - rf1 radio modules are delivered with an integrated antenna. For max. transmission power, all radio modules can be delivered with an external antenna.
Gauge radio modules with terminal strips The IBRit - rf1 radio modules can be delivered optional with terminal strips for the connection of external switches for data transmission.

• User-friendly
• Full data security
• Low cost
• Compact size
• Long transmitter battery life
• Long transmission distance
• CE & FCC approval
• Audible/visual transmission confirmation
• Individually programmable
• Connects to all types of gauges
• Up to 120 transmitters per receiver
• Allows integration into SPC software


Code No. Description Length 1 Output Functions PC Connectivity
25-604-001 USB Receiver N/A Connect to PC Only Data Send Only USB Receiver