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A&M EDM’s ‘Universal’ Approach to Quality

Founded in 2002 as a subcontract EDM specialist, A&M EDM Ltd quickly earned an excellent reputation for the quality of its output.

In addition to A&M EDM’s UK client base, the busy company now boasts a growing number of overseas customers. The range of sectors now served includes the Aerospace, Automotive, Autosport, Electric Motor Manufacturing, Electronics, Medical, Mould Tool manufacturing, Press Tool-manufacturing and General Engineering industries.

A&M’s policy of regularly purchasing state-of-the-art, manufacturing equipment for its Smethwick based plant, means that nearly forty highly-efficient CNC machine tools are now engaged in satisfying the growing demand for the company’s output.

The ISO9001 registered company has EN9100, AS9100 Rev C and Nadcap approvals and administers a comprehensive quality control system throughout its factory. Complementing A&M’s high-quality manufacturing plant, regular investments are also made in advanced quality control equipment.

The size range of components and fabrication manufactured by A&M means that the company employs a wide selection of internal and external digital calipers and micrometers. Although, occasionally some of the company’s more challenging measuring tasks fall outside of the scope of its conventional measuring equipment. To accommodate these difficult to measure parts, A&M recently invested in a Universal Gauge Kit from Bowers Metrology.

Company owner Mark Winfield explained

“Although we use a range of Coordinate Measuring Machines and Vision Systems for our important final inspection routines, we recently investigated the available modular measuring systems that could be adapted to our more unusual in–process measuring requirements. Having carefully considered the alternatives, we purchased Bowers’ Universal Gauge Kit.

Our new Bowers Gauge’s modular construction means that we can put it together in ways that allow the Universal to accurately carry out all of our more challenging internal and external measurements.

When constructed, the gauge’s ease of use, speed of operation and clear digital display means that it’s ideal for inspecting parts that are still located on machine tools and extremely useful for off machine use. In addition, when measuring internal and external diameters, the Universal Gauge’s ability to freeze its display on the achieved reading ensures great accuracy and repeatability.

As the gauge comes complete with a comprehensive range of accessories now, rather than struggle to find a solution to an unusual measuring application, we are able to fit the most suitable accessories, set the Universal to a setting master and make accurate measurements with great confidence.

Having been in operation for a number of weeks, Bowers’ Universal Gauge is now making an excellent contribution to our important quality function.”

The Bowers Universal Gauge’s ingenious modular format enables it to be quickly configured to suit almost any measuring challenge. Whether measuring internally or externally, the Universal’s clever constant pressure device ensures that all users achieve accuracy and consistency of reading, whilst the gauge’s findings are displayed on its highly visible, digital readout.

The unique modular construction of the Bowers Universal Gauge allows the fitting of a large variety of measuring contacts and adaptors, enabling countless measuring tasks to be completed with ease. Depending on the extensions used, the Universal is able to perform internal and external measurements from 0 – 3000 mm, 0 - 118".

Accessories for the precise measurement of threads, grooves, splines, gears, hole centres, and many other applications are available as standard, whilst Bowers is able to manufacture special adaptations for more unusual uses.

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