Our Journey To Net Zero

Net Zero Journey - FY21-22

As part of our Net Zero Journey, we have now calculated the total Greenhous Gas Emissions for the benchmark year of FY21 – 22 ending 30th September 2022.

This total across Scope 1, 2 and 3 totalled 3,149 tCO2e.

Scope 1 and 2 emissions represent 11.1% of the total emissions and Scope 3 emissions represent 88.9% of the total emissions.

The most significant emissions source is from the embedded emissions in goods and services that Bowers Group purchases - this Scope 3 category accounted for 43% of the company's total carbon footprint.

Emissions from use of sold products and upstream transportation and distribution are also significant contributors to Scope 3 emissions.

All emissions have been calculated following the GHG Protocol's Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. All seven greenhouse gases defined by the Kyoto Protocol have been accounted for and reported on a tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent tCO2e basis.

The next part of our journey will be to set out our Net Zero targets for Scope 1 and 2 and then for Scope 3.

In the coming weeks we should have data for the previous financial year ending 30th September 2023 and what reductions we have already been able to achieve.

Our commitments to reducing our Carbon Footprint continues as we seek to play our part in the global reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Signed on behalf of the Bowers Group Directors.

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Martin Hawkins

Managing Director