Official Metrology Sponsors of the University of Wolverhampton Racing Team

Bowers Group are delighted to have the privilege of sponsoring the University of Wolverhampton Racing Team (UWR). As part of the University of Wolverhampton, UWR is the only racing team to compete in the AR Morgan Challenge and the Praga Cup that uses students to design, manufacture, and race in a competitive environment. As a result, students gain valuable engineering industry experience working as a professional team in competitive motorsport.


The Praga Cup is a single manufacturer racing competition that ran as part of the Brit Car competition in 2020 and 2021. Owing to the impressive speed and high profile of the Czech made racing cars, the number of Pragas has grown, giving the single-seaters their own competition in 2022 and a championship commitment to race in 2023 as well.

With a minimum of 16 cars in the competition, with the potential for as many as 20 on track, the Praga Cup is the perfect opportunity for UWR to continue to grow its profile, enable supporters to enjoy high-speed racing at the best circuits in the country, and help its students into the best employability in motorsport.


Working with the University of Wolverhampton Race Team (UWR) is a fantastic opportunity for Bowers Group to engage with the future talent of engineering and manufacturing, capturing student’s imagination and interest in metrology as part of their wider University education. As part of our sponsorship, we have provided the University with a selection of metrology equipment, much of which will be perfect for use in the racing team, and giving students a head start when it comes to being familiar with the tools that will be invaluable to them during their future careers.