Accurate Measurement for the Civil Engineering Industry

Construction and maintenance of buildings, roads, bridges, canals and dams. As a discipline that relies on high levels of precision and accuracy, civil engineering is a key area for the use of high accuracy measuring equipment.

Leading Manufacturer of Precision Spirit Levels

WYLER, the renowned Swiss manufacture of precision levels is one of the main product ranges represented exclusively by Bowers in the UK. They are the leading manufacturer of precision spirit levels, Clinometers, electronic inclination measuring instruments, inclination sensors and software for inclination measurement. As sole UK agent, Bowers Group can exclusively offer its customers the solution to precision measuring angularity, pitch, roll, flatness, inclination, parallelism and much more.

Long Term Monitoring and Precision Alignment

The Zerotronic system from Wyler, for example, can be used for the long term monitoring of bridges, dams and tunnels. The highly versatile Clinotronic can be used for such applications as the precision alignment of mobile telephone masts and television aerials.

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