Precision Measurement for the Electronics Industry

The manufacturing processes involved in in the electronics industry can be dramatically improved with fast and effective measurement equipment, improving process efficiencies, component accuracy and lead times.

Accurate Measurement for Complex Components

Due to the delicate and often complex components used in the electronics industry, highly accurate measurement is a must to ensure precision. The industry itself is incredibly competitive and ever evolving, making demand for perfectly formed parts high, and tolerances tight.

Bowers Group’s products are used widely within the electronics industry for a variety of applications. Suppliers of electronic equipment commonly use our measurement solutions to ensure their products meet the highest quality standards.

Non-Contact Measurement Solutions

Non-contact measurement is critical in many electronics applications due to the fragility of the parts, meaning that our range of profile projectors is widely used in the industry.

Capable of both tactile measurement and non-contact dimensional inspection and measurement, profile projectors are ideal for the diverse range of parts required in electronics, and the perfect way to measure delicate components that are too small and fragile for traditional techniques of measurement.

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