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Hack Engineering Ensures Quality Engine Builds with Moore & Wright Vernier Caliper

Moore & Wright vernier calipers are an invaluable tool for through process measurements on components used in performance engine builds.
Hack Engineering M&W Case Study

Based in Barcombe, East Sussex, Hack Engineering rely heavily on Moore & Wright vernier calipers for carrying out through process measurements on components used in performance engine builds. Hack Engineering originated as a supplier of high-end performance parts for BMW, before undertaking exponential growth of the business that led to the opening of its first workshop, engine building facilities, part supply operations, and the creation of its own-branded machine shop.

Taking Measurements Throughout the Manufacturing Process

Alex Lester, Technical Director at Hack Engineering said: “Every person in the business has access to a Moore & Wright vernier caliper, and even the parts department is regularly seen using one to assist customers with double checking component dimensions. Not only is quality increased, but the wastage of parts is also reduced as measurements can easily be taken throughout various manufacturing processes.

There are so many inferior verniers are out there, and with the heavy use ours get we decided to get one of the best. The Moore & Wright vernier caliper is the perfect tool for carrying out through process measurements and for quick sanity checks. It feels good in the hand and offers repeatable measuring time and time again.”

Accurate Measurement Critical to Quality Engine Builds

Accurate measurement of engine components is critical to a quality engine build. When parts are machined or ordered incorrectly, it can have an adverse effect on both the performance and longevity of the engine, often resulting in a rebuild process that can hamper the profitability of the project.

It is important, therefore, to ensure that accuracy, precision and resolution is achieved throughout all aspects of the build, something that can be enhanced by choosing the correct, high-quality tools, like the Moore & Wright range of workshop tools.

Alex continued: “When dealing with performance engines, having the right equipment not only makes the job more efficient but also allows you to offer the customer a service and a product that makes you stand out from the rest. We are always of the opinion that anyone can build an engine. But building an engine that lasts and performs at its optimum involves patience, careful measuring, and extreme cleanliness.

Hack Engineering Using Moore & Wright to Achieve Precision
Hack Engineering Using Moore & Wright to Achieve Precision

Piston to Bore Wall Measurements

Being able to offer an engine that not only performs well, but also offers longevity is one of our core beliefs. This all comes down to blueprinting each component. Whether it is piston to bore wall measurements or measuring and calculating the movement in BMW's variable valve system, VANOS, the quality of the machining, blueprinting and assembly are critical. It all comes down to the measuring equipment used.

As always Bowers support is the best, a complete understanding of measuring and measuring processes is felt whenever advice or support is needed.”

No Toolbox is Complete Without a Vernier Caliper

In my opinion, no engineer's toolbox is complete without a vernier caliper. It’s the first measuring tool to own when setting out in this trade! Without one, you may as well just guess a number.”

Founded in 2013 by Ben Koflach, the business aim of Hack Engineering was to offer knowledgeable, reliable parts supplies in the UK. With vast experience working in the historic motorsport industry, Ben invested his skills forward into opening the first Hack Engineering workshop in 2016, increasing stockholding offering VANOS rebuilds and other engine work for BMW M cars.

Technical Director, Alex Lester, joined as a business partner in 2018, bringing with him a wealth of machining and engine reconditioning knowledge, forming the basis of Hack Engineering Machine Shop. By moving machine work in-house, engine-building became ever more prominent in the company’s offering, and it has continued to rapidly grow ever since.

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