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Sylvac Scan F60L Helps Boneham & Turner Increase Complex Part Offering by Improving Inspection Capability

Boneham & Turner has increased its ability to offer more complex parts with the help of a Sylvac Scan F60L.
Sylvac F60L at Boneham Turner
Boneham Turner

A fourth-generation, family-owned precision engineering solutions provider established in 1918, Boneham & Turner serve the aerospace, defence, motorsport, composite and yellow goods industries by manufacturing and supplying drill bushes, dowel pins, both simple and complex shims for the manufacture and assembly of jigs and fixtures, work holding, hydraulic systems and machine-building.

Aerospace Unlocking Potential Project

With previous processes in place, the company needed to decline work. This was not due to the complexity of manufacturing the parts, but to the limitations on inspection. The inspection of micro-pins had always proven to be a time-consuming challenge for the production and quality teams.

To improve its inspection capabilities, Boneham & Turner applied for funding through the Aerospace Unlocking Potential project, provided through the European Regional Development Fund Revenue Agreement, to help fund the purchase of the Sylvac Scan equipment.

Demanding Cylindrical Parts

Used by quality personnel, machine operatives completing first-off checks, as well as the engineering team for samples and R&D, the Sylvac Scan F60L is designed to measure even the most demanding of cylindrical parts.

With a brand-new camera and optics offering superior image processing and fast inspection times, the optical measurement machine uses Reflex One-Click technology with part recognition and auto measure, allowing measurement with one click of a button. Quick-release tooling for making rapid part changeovers, combined with sophisticated software delivers immediate visual results, assisting in providing essential efficiencies in a busy working environment.

Boasting a small footprint that fits perfectly within the new inspection lab, the Sylvac scanner is used daily as part of the standard inspection procedure at Boneham & Turner. Primarily measuring a range of micro-pins that start at approximately 1mm diameter and 3mm long, the F60L has been praised for its ease of use and simple learning process amongst the team whilst proving to be an extremely precise piece of inspection kit for the company.

Quality is Paramount

Stacy Denton-Beaumont, Operations Manager at Boneham & Turner said:

“Quality is absolutely paramount to our customers – supporting industries such as aerospace, defence, military and F1, there is zero room for defects, in both time and cost. We have an outstanding record for perfect quality and investing in equipment such as the Sylvac demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement in our metrology capabilities.”

The Sylvac-SCAN F60L has vastly improved our scope of metrology. As an AS9100 Rev D certified manufacturer, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding quality to our valued customers and core markets. With its Swiss precision engineering, the Sylvac SCAN F60L offers an efficient, exact and effective inspection method, complimenting the current catalogue of equipment here at Boneham & Turner Ltd.”

Improved Knowledge

Having worked with the University of Nottingham for many years in research and design, as well as Graduate Placements, whilst also, as a member of Midlands Aerospace Alliance, Boneham & Turner have attended various courses and networking events which have proved highly beneficial in terms of new business but also improved knowledge.

Stacy explained:

“Having a Technology Manager designated to us from MAA, made the project run a great deal smoother and it was on their recommendation that we began looking at a Mark Forged Mark II 3D Printer. This was supplied by Additive X, who also did the training and over the past 6 months have been incredibly supportive with many of our projects.”

The project has enabled Boneham & Turner to innovate in both metrology and new products and services. It has established a new measurement process and has enabled new products to be made and inspected.

The team are currently looking to re-shore some parts, as they are now able to offer the full level of inspection required for mission-critical parts.

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