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Bowers Group Announces Update to its Baty Precision Measurement Software

Bowers Group has announced the release of Fusion 4.22, the latest update to its Baty Fusion software.
Fusion 4.22 is available for download now!

Bowers Group has announced the release of Fusion 4.22, the latest update to its Baty Fusion software. This update brings several advanced features designed to improve data management and reporting capabilities and includes several new features such as SPC Manager, user-defined dimensions, and enhanced reporting functionality.

Emma Bramley, Product Development Manager at Bowers Group, said, “The release of our Fusion 4.22 software is a significant step forward for the capability of our Baty products. This update improves our software's functionality, offering our customers more efficient and versatile tools. We're looking forward to introducing these new features to our users over the coming weeks."

Custom Dimensions

Fusion 4.22 introduces the ability to add custom dimensions to inspections, offering the flexibility to include measurements not directly obtained from the machine. A simple pop-up window will open at the start of the inspection run for the user to enter this dimension value.

SPC Manager

The new SPC Manager feature offers better organisation and control by allowing users to manage, delete, and export SPC (Statistical Process Control) data from individual inspection runs, days, and dates. Users can also create SPC batches to group data from different runs, simplifying data analysis. Using SPC Manager data can also archive data into a CSV, ensuring secure storage and easy access.


The update now allows reports to be viewed in Microsoft Excel directly through the Reports window, and the report viewer can be used without needing to open an inspection. Additionally, new icons, such as Shift View, enable users to toggle inspection views between stage alignment and references.

Fusion 4.22 is now available for all Fusion software users and can be downloaded from the Bowers Group website. For additional information, contact the Bowers Group team directly at

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