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Uniting for a Worthy Cause: Spear & Jackson Group Supports The Children's Hospital Charity

The Spear & Jackson Group came together on the 17th of August to raise vital funds for The Children's Hospital Charity.
The Spear & Jackson Group Unite to Raise Funds for The Children's Hospital Charity

All businesses across the group, including those from Bowers Group, Robert Sorby, Spear & Jackson and Eclipse Magnetics, joined forces to take part in a charity event at the group’s head office in Sheffield.

Employees enjoyed the special day with a sponsored walk, raffle and ice creams, all in support of an incredible cause that helps many children and families in the local area and beyond.

A Meaningful Impact

A charity close to the heart of many employees of the group, The Children’s Hospital Charity positively impacts the lives of young patients undergoing treatment at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, with the support offered going above and beyond the boundaries of NHS provision.

Donations play a pivotal role in funding specialist medical equipment, driving clinical research trials that influence healthcare globally, transforming clinical spaces with vibrant art, and providing engaging activities and workshops to ease anxiety during critical moments.

Bowers Group’s Marketing Manager, and member of the Spear & Jackson Charity Action Group, Ellie Skinner, said: “The S&J Group has a real commitment to making a difference beyond the boundaries of its business. We actively support individual charitable efforts, but there is always something special about the whole group coming together to raise funds for an important cause.

“We chose The Children’s Hospital Charity as it is a foundation that is so close to many of our colleagues’ hearts, making a huge impact in our local community and something we, as a united team, can really get behind.”

Steps Toward Support

Clad in hi-vis vests and taking advantage of the late-summer weather, the team embarked on a sponsored walk around the Atlas site car park. Each lap contributed to a collective group total as participants pounded the pavement in impressive numbers.

The dedication on display was truly remarkable. By the end of the day, Team S&J had paced an impressive 1027 laps, covering a distance of 160 miles. Georgia Melbourne of Eclipse Magnetics was one walker who truly stood out for her commitment, taking part in the event with a broken ankle.

The occasion also featured a special Spear & Jackson raffle, offering the chance to win an array of prizes, from gardening tools and pyrography sets to shopping vouchers, with all money generated from the ticket sales going towards the fundraising total.

A Grand Total of Impact

Speaking after the event, Ellie praised the dedication of everyone who got involved: “Today has been a resounding success and it was fantastic to see so many people take part – even with broken bones! It’s a real privilege to be able to help The Children’s Hospital Charity in any way that we can and it’s heart-warming to know that our collective efforts today will make such a huge difference to the children undergoing treatment at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and their families.”

The combined efforts of the participants, supporters, and the Spear & Jackson Group raised an impressive £747.60, a sum that has been generously matched by the group itself, generating a grand total of £1495.20.

The decision to rally behind The Children's Hospital Charity echoed the group's ethos of community care. By supporting an organisation that provides vital care to children and families during challenging moments, the group highlighted its drive to make positive change and give back to society.

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