XT Groove Head

XT Groove Head

The Bowers range of range of standard XT application heads includes a simple, modular solution for measuring grooves. As the world’s leading bore gauge manufacturer, our groove gauge heads are designed so that they can be fitted directly onto our XT range of internal micrometers to create a flexible measuring system with interchangeable heads.

The Best Way to Measure Internal Groove Diameter
Our range of XT3 bore gauges benefit from extended mechanical travel, allowing application heads to be fitted and alternated depending on the user’s measurement needs. The interchangeability of these heads allows fantastic flexibility, providing a simple solution to even the most awkward groove measurement requirements.

Innovative Groove Measuring Solutions
For applications where groove measurement is required, such as measuring internal groove diameters, users can attach the required head to the gauge, in this case a groove head, and begin the measurement process. Bowers XT3 range has a large LCD display to make reading measurements quick and easy, and is ergonomically designed for ease of handling. Built-in Bluetooth allows bi-directional communication, making data acquisition and storage both efficient and flexible.

Effective Groove Measurement
Bowers Group manufactures a variety of standard heads to solve even the most complex measurement problems. In addition to innovative groove measuring heads that can be used with the XT3 range, we can also offer thread measurement solutions, spline measurement solutions and spherical measurement solutions. Each of these application heads can be fitted directly to our XT range of internal micrometers in seconds for fast, efficient use with incredibly accurate results.

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