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ASH Omni 3 Digital Microscope

OMNI 3 Front On
OMNI 3 Side

ASH Omni 3 Digital Microscope

Leverage advanced technology to move to hyper speed, super precision, inspection. Omni 3 has been engineered to deliver one of the most advanced and intitive digital microscope experiences.

Powerful, embedded software can process complex imaging tasks without a PC. Custom designed to deliver maximum power.

With the Omni 3 you are able to build your own solution by choosing the apps that, meet your specific requirements.

Our apps range from advanced measurement tools to help meet critical manufacturing tolerances to comparison tools ensuring the highest production quality. Evaluate the apps free of charge to determine which best meet your needs with our free 30 click trial of each app.

  • Colour Analysis App
  • Object Counting App
  • Z Height Measurement App
  • 2D Measurement & Graticules
  • DXF Import & Export
  • Imaging Stictching
  • Image Comparator Side by Side
  • Image Comparator Overlay


  • Full HD video imaging
  • Super Fast Auto-Focus™
  • Spot Focus™
  • Manual Rocker Focus™ - to accurately adjust the focus level
  • AshCam+™
  • Image Stacking
  • AshTruColour™
  • Real-Time Lens Distortion Correction™ (RTLDC)
  • User privileges settings
  • Improved Depth of Field (DoF)
  • Interchangeable lighting
  • Imaging Stamping
  • On Screen Preset Buttons
  • Save files and images to Network

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