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Gagemaker Functional PD Thread Gauges

Gagemaker Functional PD Thread Gauges

The Gagemaker PG-6000 and RG-7000 Series gauges measure diameters of internal, and external threads respectively.

Product Description

Both series of these functional diameter gauges inspects the effects of all thread element variations and report deviations.

The gauges must be preset to a Nominal predetermined dimension using gauge blocks, micrometers, or the MIC TRAC measurement centre.


  • External Thread Roll Gauge
90-RG7000 5/8 to 4 £1,212.50
90-RG7001 4 to 8 £1,369.50
90-RG7002 8 to 12 £1,472.00
90-RG7003 12 to 16 £1,602.50
90-RG7004 16 to 20 £1,808.50
90-RG7005 20 to 24 £1,945.00

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