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Gagemaker Internal Pitch Diameter Inspection Gauges

Gagemaker Internal Pitch Diameter Inspection Gauges

The Gagemaker PD-6000 and PD-8000 Series gauges measure Pitch Diameters of internal, and external threads.

Product Description

The gauges can be preset to a nominal predetermined dimension using gauge blocks, micrometers, or the MIC TRAC gauge setting system.


  • Measures a large range of pitch diameters up to 36 inches internally and 72 inches externally.
  • Uses interchangeable contact points for measurement of different thread pitches.
  • Offers advantage over conventional ring and plug gages by providing actual diameter readings.
  • Eliminates unnecessary damage to threads caused by ring and plug gages.
  • Durable construction allows use in a manufacturing or field environment.
  • Requires presetting using gage blocks, micrometers, or Gagemaker’s MIC TRAC
90-PD6000 Internal PD Gauge, "V" & ACME 1 1/2 to 9 £1,262.50
90-PD6000-02 Replacement Arm Set, 2 1/2" Length Standard £480.00
90-PD6000-07 Replacement Arm Set, 4 1/2" Length £480.00
90-PD6001 Internal PD Gauge 6 to 24 £842.50

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