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Gagemaker Setting Blocks - MIC TRAC

Gagemaker Setting Blocks - MIC TRAC

Depending on the requirements of the application, each pair of MIC TRAC setting blocks is precisely ground with either a flat or tapered gauging surface.

Product Description

The system sets or zeros most gauges with the use of interchangeable anvils or blocks. Standard resolution of base unit is 0.00005". Accuracies range from +/- 0.0001" to +/- 0.0004".

These MIC TRACs incorporate the ForeLok™ feature to provide a constant anvil force that improves repeatability from operator to operator. Please ask the Bowers sales team for details.


  • Multi-use gauge setting system
  • Incorporate the ForeLok™ feature
90-TF1F Face Setting Blocks (1.500" outside Dimension) £721.00
90-TFBX 23° Angled Face setting blocks £800.00
90-TF10 Tapered Setting Blocks 10° half angle £794.00
90-TF15 Tapered setting Blocks 15° half angle £794.00
90-TF20 Tapered setting Blocks 20° half angle £794.00
90-TF30 Tapered setting Blocks 30° half angle £794.00
90-TF45 Tapered setting Blocks 45° half angle £794.00

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