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Surface Roughness Tester - R-135

Surface Roughness Tester - R-135

Handheld surface roughness tester for external surfaces and grooves.

Product Description

The R-135 is a portable, battery-powered instrument for checking surface roughness, with the measured values displayed on a digital readout display. The instrument can be used in laboratory, inspection area, workshop, or wherever on-site surface roughness testing is required.

Measuring rangesRa-- 0.03µm ~ 6.35µm (1µ inch~250µ inch) - Rz-- 0.2µm ~ 25.3µm (8µ inch~999µ inch)
Display resolution0.01µm / 1µ inch
Cut-off0.25mm / 0.001 inch - 2RC filter - select 1-3-5 times - 0.8mm / 0.03 inch - 2RC filter - select 1-3-5 times - 2.5mm / 0.01 inch - 2RC filter - select 2 times
Display3-digit LCD
AccuracyMeets ISO and DIN standards
Probe TypePiezoelectric
Maximum stylus force15.0mN / 1500mgf
Stylus tip radiusDiamond - 2 micron
Power9V alkaline battery (not included)
Battery capacityApprox. 3000 measurements
OutputRS-232 to pc or printer (only IPX-104)


  • Pocket-sized and economically priced!
  • External and internal finish testing with swivelable tracer
  • Ra and Rz parameters in one instrument and all available after each individual test
  • Standard 9V battery (not included)
  • Three cut-off 0.25mm, 0.8mm and 2.5mm, adjustable to 1-3-5 times
  • Pi‘zo-electric pick-up stylus for external surfaces with diamond tip of 2 micron according to the latest ISO standards
  • With data output
W-R135 Surface Roughness Tester + RS-232 output £2,058.50
W-TA-220 Printer for TR200 £448.00
W-TS-100 Tracer, standard £809.00
W-TS-110 Tracer, narrow skid, special £993.00
W-TS-120 Tracer, with skid, bores from 2mm £1,135.00
W-TSE/A Extension arm, 50mm x 10mm POA
W-TS-130 Tracer, deep grooves <3mm £1,412.50
W-TS-131 Tracer, deep grooves <10mm £1,614.00
W-TSE/B Extension arm, 90°, 70mm x 25mm POA
W-200/0320 DataView Software - Windows XP £257.00
W-200/0505 Granite platform TA610 with 'L' attachment £963.50

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