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Sylvac Scan F60 Range

Sylvac Scan F60 Range

The Sylvac Scan F60 has been designed to measure the most demanding of cylindrical parts. With a brand new camera and optics, the F60 range offers superior image processing with fast inspection times.

The Sylvac Scan F60 range is designed for use on the shop floor with a new enclosure including a door and safety curtain, integrated calibration master, temperature sensors and LED status light.

The F60 uses the renowned Reflex One Click technology offering part recognition and auto measure, all with one button click.

Quick release tooling for making rapid part change overs, combined with sophisticated software giving immediate visual results, assist in providing essential efficiencies in a busy working environment.

Delivery Includes:

  • Instrument according to technical specifications
  • 2 male centers
  • Small diamond coated drive centre
  • Small rotating (live) centre
  • Computer
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Windows multilingual operating system
  • Screen
  • Manual
  • Reflex-Scan software
  • Concept Reflex SCAN patented for measuring cylindrical workpieces without pre-programming
  • Part measurement from 0.2 – 64mm diameter and up to 500mm length
  • Complete 2D smart scan (500mm) in < 5 seconds
  • Reduce inspection time, scrap and increase productivity
  • Exclusive helix tilting system for thread measurements (only on T models)
  • Quick return of investment, typically < 6 months
  • New software Reflex SCAN+: advanced programming and functions
  • Quick release tooling

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