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Sylvac Scan S145 & S145L

Sylvac Scan S145 & S145L

The Sylvac Scan S145 has been developed as an optical measuring centre, to measure mid to large size cylindrical parts up to 145mm diameter and 1280mm in length.

The S145 offers fast, accurate and repeatable measurements equipped with quick release tooling and motorised tailstock, making this the ideal solution for full automation.

The Sylvac Scan 145 can be located easily on the shop floor with integrated temperature sensors and on-board calibration master to ensure optimum performance.

Sylvac-Scan S145 Benefits

  • Reduce inspection time
  • Reduce CNC downtime
  • Reduce investment for control
  • Reduce scrappage
  • Increase inspection frequency
  • Improve process control capabilities
  • Instant report generated by one machine
  • Use directly on the shopfloor
  • Avoid QC bottle necks
  • No specialist training required to operate
  • Easy to use Reflex Scan software
  • One Click Measure facility
  • Auto Part Recognition
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Statistics View
  • Data Export
  • Optional CAD Import & Offline Programming
  • Max part weight 100kg
  • Axial measuring speed mm/s 80
  • Axial positioning speed mm/s up to 160

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