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Sylvac Sylcom Pro

30 981 7232 Sylcom
Sylcom Air Gauging M BUS 30-981-7232

Sylvac Sylcom Pro

The latest software from Sylvac. Sylcom allows a connection between most of the Sylvac instruments, either by USB or Bluetooth.

Product Description

The universal software can be used to display values in different modes, to upload the drawings of parts with dimensions, to show the agreed level of tolerances and to show the pass / fail readings. All of this data can be exported out to Excel for use in reports. The Sylcom Advance Package allows connection to multiple probes and instruments via the M-bus modules.

Advanced Features

  • Can link up to 128 devices or 40 BT devices (5 Dongles 8 Instruments per Dongle)
  • Software requirements: Windows 7 /8.1/ 10 64-Bit processor
  • Hardware requirements: From Intel i5 and 4Gb RAM (8Gb recommended)


  • Is compatible with M-BUS
  • Data can be exported to Excel
  • Shows tolerances and control limits
  • Selectable display mode
  • Multi-gauge mode
  • Sequence mode
  • User management
  • Configuration of digital indicator menu
30-981-7245 Sylcom Pro £1,234.00

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