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Trimos A-Line Portable Measuring Arm

Trimos A3-1800
Trimos A3-1800
Trimos A5-2500
Trimos A5-2500
Trimos Arm Application Image 1
Trimos Arm Application Image 2
Trimos Arm Application Image 3 with scanner

Trimos A-Line Portable Measuring Arm

Trimos A-line portable articulated measuring arms allow extremely easy and accurate 3D measurements.

The A-line arms certified according to ISO10360-12 or ISO10360-02 standard allow quality control, inspection and verification of small to large size parts. Thanks to an extremely stable carbon structure, all models are light and easy to operate. With a measuring range of over 5 meters and up to 9 meters, the A-Line has a size to suit you. You can choose between the A3, A5, A6 depending on your application needs.

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Product Description

Trimos A3

The small 6 axis portable arm for extremely easy and accurate 3D measurements. The most precise arm from the A-Line range.

The 6-axis configuration arm is available at 1.3m and 1.8m measuring range. The carbon fiber tubes and aluminium mount base allow the A3 arm an extremely stable and light structure. The A3 provides an excellent handling experience due its mass counterbalance.

Trimos A5

If you need to inspect a big and heavy part, don’t move it, take the A5 arms and get your measurements done quickly and with great flexibility.

The A5 models are the 6 axis arms configurations offering the largest range of the market, from 1.8 m to 9.0 m measuring range. Its design is made to be adaptable in every environment and compatible with a huge variety of fixtures.

Its lateral mechanical spring-loaded system provides a tireless balance of the arm while offering a comfortable handling experience.

The A5 arm can be provided with a wireless Bluetooth device, batteries or the two options together for complete wireless portability.

Trimos A6

The A6 is a 7 axis arm used in combination with the Laser Scanner ScanSurf for point cloud inspection or reverse-engineering.

Its design is the same as the A5 and offers the same measuring ranges.
However, the probe is a pistol handled with integrated buttons for a more comfortable scanning process.


  • The most precise range
  • Portable, Wireless with Bluetooth & battery
  • No special arrangements required
  • Autonomy due to the integrated wireless system
  • Fixed or interchangeable probe
  • Fixed counterweight for a perfectly stable and durable balance
  • Buttons mounted on the probe for an improved measuring sensitivity
20-A3-1300 1300 0.015 (Volumetric) 0.008 9.5 kg POA
20-A3-1800 1800 0.018 (Volumetric) 0.008 10.4 kg POA
20-A5-1800 1800 0.02 (Volumetric) 0.012 (Point) 8.4 POA
20-A5-2500 2500 0.026 (Volumetric) 0.016 (Point) 8.9 POA
20-A5-3200 3200 0.036 (Volumetric) 0.02 (Point) 9.3 POA
20-A5-4000 4000 0.046 (Volumetric) 0.024 (Point) 10 POA
20-A6-1800 1800 0.027 (Volumetric) 0.017 (Point) 8.9 POA
20-A6-2500 2500 0.034 (Volumetric) 0.021 (Point) 9.4 POA
20-A6-3200 3200 0.045 (Volumetric) 0.026 (Point) 9.8 POA
20-A6-4000 4000 0.056 (Volumetric) 0.03 (Point) 10.5 POA

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