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Trimos Horizon Setting Measuring Bench

HS4 Trimos Horizon Setting
HS5 Trimos Horizon Setting
HS6 Trimos Horizon Setting
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Trimos Horizon Setting Measuring Bench

Horizon Setting HS4, HS5 and HS6 are the ideal instruments for the control and calibration of measuring means with fixed and variable dimensions. Its high precision and finishing level position it as a top of the range model for workshop or laboratory use. It is the perfect answer to current needs in the manufacturing field.

For full technical specifications, download the full brochures below:

Download HS4 Brochure

Download HS5 Brochure

Download HS6 Brochure

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Familiar design, new electronics

This new model is based on the already well known Trimos Horizon Premium, but a new electronics and innovative display are incorporated. A modern and ergonomic design, as well as a great ease of use guarantee optimal and high productivity measuring results.

Trimos proposes a complete range of instruments from 3000 mm to 12000 mm. All measuring ranges are direct, which means that the whole measuring range is available without adjustment or intermediary re-calibration. A large selection of easily interchangeable accessories completes the possible applications and guarantees a correct positioning of the instruments to be calibrated.

Which Horizon Setting Should I Choose?
  • If you're looking for a fully manual setting machine, the HS4 is for you.
  • For more flexibility, the HS5 can be used manually or with its in-built motor.
  • If you're looking for higher levels of repeatability and a fine adjust carriage, the manual HS6 will suit your needs.
Specially designed for setting and checking:
  • 2 point bore gauges
  • 2 point internal and external comparative measuring equipment
  • Dial indicators
  • Calipers
  • Setting of 2 point internal micrometers
  • Checking of ring gauges
  • Checking of plug gauges
  • Checking of thread plug gauges
  • Checking of snap gauges
  • Checking of external micrometers

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