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Alrose Products Boosts Efficiency with Baty Vision System and Trimos Height Gauge from Bowers Group

Improving its operations with a Baty Venture and a Trimos V7 height gauge, Alrose Products now maintains the highest levels of accuracy.

Due to the significant growth of its popular subcontract CNC turning and machining service, Alrose Products Ltd. has invested in a selection of Bowers Group’s precision measurement instruments to improve turnaround times and deliver high quality machining processes.

Improving its operations with both a Baty Venture vision system and a Trimos V7 height gauge, the company now maintains the highest levels of accuracy to its customers by measuring to very tight tolerances with consistent precision, avoiding even the slightest deviations in accuracy.

High Levels of Confidence

Jon Aconley, Managing Director at Alrose Products, said: “Accuracy is critically important to our customers. They quite rightly want the assurance that our products are accurate and will work perfectly because they’re manufactured to consistent, high standards. Ultimately, our motion control solutions help our customers to demonstrate a high level of quality in their finished products. The measurement process helps us demonstrate our capability as a business to deliver exactly what is needed with precision, control, and consistency.
The vision system and height gauge from Bowers Group enable us to expedite faster processes; we know immediately that components are right. They give us high levels of confidence as we know we can trust the accuracy of the equipment.”

Specialising in gas springs, Alrose serves a diverse customer base, including OEMs, distributors, and end-users worldwide. Its gas springs are widely used in various sectors such as marine, aerospace, transportation, pharmaceutical, and industrial, providing reliable motion control solutions. Many businesses procure gas springs to guarantee a reliable method for opening hatches, machinery, and facility access doors, among other applications. The company also offers sub-contract CNC machining and inspection services equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Programme of Growth

Due to a program of growth in machining sub-contract parts, investing in the precision measuring technology supplied by Bowers Group was deemed an absolute necessity to avoid even the slightest deviations in accuracy.

“Buying any equipment is a consideration as there are so many factors involved, not least the investment of capital.” Jon explained. “However, knowing Bowers Group’s reputation and understanding what is on offer made it far easier. The equipment was agreed and ordered, delivered on time and to specification, and the backup service has been faultless.”

Bowers' instruments adhere to strict tolerance standards, ensuring consistent and reliable measurements across all operations. This consistency eliminates the potential for operator-induced variations, providing the business with enhanced accuracy and confidence in their measurement data.

Advanced Optical Measurement

The Baty Venture Vision System is an advanced optical measurement system designed to provide precise and accurate inspection of components in various industries. Equipped with powerful optics and intuitive software, the Venture system offers comprehensive measurement capabilities, including dimensional analysis, surface inspection, and defect detection.

Key features include high-resolution cameras, precision motorised stages, and intuitive software interface. These features allow for rapid and accurate measurement of complex parts with minimal user intervention. The system's robust construction and ergonomic design ensure reliability and ease of use in demanding manufacturing environments.

Reliable, Accurate and Fast 

The Trimos V7 height gauge seamlessly merges innovative technology with traditional practice. Featuring a touch-display and lateral insert holders, it serves as a versatile tool for workshop environments. Complex functions like 2D, programming, and statistics are simplified, providing ease of use and significantly boosting productivity.

The incorporation of the Baty Venture vision system and the Trimos V7 height gauge facilitates quicker processes for the company, allowing Alrose to swiftly confirm the accuracy of components and proceed with production runs. The introduction of reliable, accurate and fast measurement systems has increased the team’s confidence in quality, as well as significantly improving turnaround times.

Both machines are integral to the daily operations at Alrose, facilitating enhanced efficiencies. As the company grows and expands, there is an anticipated increase in their use. While primarily employed by the engineers in producing machined parts, they are also increasingly utilised for subcontracted parts for clients, with verification deemed a necessity to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and precision.

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