Intex Beam Gauge & Standard Contacts

Intex Beam Gauge & Standard Contacts

Developed to measure both internal and external diameters and lengths, the Intex gauge's aluminium extrusion beam gives it a rigid yet lightweight quality, making it ideal for shop-floor environments. The simple release of a locking thumbscrew enables the gauge's measuring direction to be changed quickly and easily.

• Lightweight and rigid
• Measuring ranges: 200-400mm, 400-600mm, 600-800mm, 800-1000mm
• Sizes over 1000mm available on request
• Internal and external measurement
• 2mm travel on moving contacts
• Adjustable fixed contacts with up to 250mm adjustment range
• Digital or analogue indicator available
• Hardened steel wear pads locate gauge onto component aiding repeatability and prolonging service life
• Setting master required to set the instrument
• Instrument supplied without tooling

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Code Range Price
INTEX01 200-400 £1,267.50
INTEX02 400-600 £1,335.00
INTEX03 600-800 £1,399.50
INTEX04 800-1000 £1,465.50

Code Range Price
INTEXA01 Intex Beam Gauge - Standard contacts £155.50