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Baty Venture FV

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Baty Venture FV with coax light
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Baty Venture FV

The Baty Venture FV series of field of view inspection machines represents a significant advancement in the Baty product line, providing remarkable measurement speeds on multiple parts simultaneously.

Various stage options allow the impressive Field of View measurement functionality to be stitched together over larger areas to accommodate either larger parts, or larger batches of smaller parts.

Setting a new standard in Bowers Group’s precision measurement offering, the Baty Venture FV series offers new levels of efficiency and versatility combined with user-friendly software. Equipped with auto part recognition and a powerful 20Mega pixel camera, coupled with telecentric LED profile lighting and split ring LED ring lighting, this new level in vision systems delivers exceptional image quality. Its intuitive software streamlines the measurement process, providing instant pass/fail clarification and detailed reporting allowing for seamless operation and efficient data analysis.

Find out more about the Baty Venture FV’s advanced features and unparalleled accuracy today.

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  • Instant measurements at the push of a button
  • Ultra-fast reporting with SPC included
  • Character recognition automatically reads & reports individual part numbers during batch measurement
  • Hundreds of dimensions in 1 second


  • Double telecentric optics for high resolution
  • Motorised auto focus
  • Auto feature edge detection removes operator influence


  • Simple, intuitive software and user interface
  • Automatic measuring and dimensioning
  • Automatically import dimensions


Create instant measurements by simply placing known components randomly on the stage. New parts can be easily measured by automatically extracting features from the scanned image and adding dimensions to create an inspection which is then saved for future use.
Automated part inspection with additional CNC playback for parts larger than the field of view. Fast set up and inspection time to achieve reduced production costs.


No need to select a program or orientate a part with automatic part recognition. The intuitive software will recognise the part, select the inspection program and measure each part in the batch, saving time and eliminating operator error.


Quickly and accurately measure hundreds of dimensions on hundreds of parts in seconds using multiple lighting conditions. Instant on screen pass/fail classification for the inspector, with detailed reports automatically saved to your preferred location.

Baty Venture FV surface with parts

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