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Bowers Universal Gauge Accessories

Bowers Universal Gauge Accessories

Various accessories for the Bowers Universal Gauge

Product Description

All accessories are compabitle with the Bowers Universal Gauge sets: Bowers Universal Gauge Sets - bowersUK (


  • Internal and external measurement
  • Large measuring range possible 0-3000mm (0-118")
  • Constant measuring force
  • Supplied with digital readout
  • Large range of accessories for standard measurement of threads, grooves, splines, diameters, lengths, shallow spigots and recess diameters etc
  • Special anvil designs available P.O.A
TGUA006 Measuring arms 50mm (Pair) £260.00
TGUA001 Digital indicator with cowl £685.50
TGUA002 Protective cowl for dial/digital indicator £130.50
TGUA003 Clamping inserts (Pair) £10.80
TGUA004 Flat Measuring Anvil (Pair) £30.50
TGUA005 Spherical contacts (Pair) £17.90
TGUA007 Measuring Arms 75mm (Pair) £277.00
TGUA008 Measuring Arms 100mm (Pair) £319.00
TGUA009 Mounting Attachment (Pair) £280.50
TGUA010 Depth-stops (Pair) £205.00
TGUA011 Shoulder anvils flat outside spigot diameter (Pair) £267.00
TGUA012 Semi-cylindrical anvils for inside register diameters (Pair) £267.00
TGUA019 Cone anvils for measuring hole centre distance - 13 £224.00
TGUA020 Cone anvils for measuring hole centre distance - 25 £247.00
TGUA022 Vee support for length measurement £211.00
TGUA014 12mm Disc Anvils Int/Ext for measuring grooves (Pair) £162.50
TGUA013 20mm Disc Anvils for measuring grooves (Pair) £162.50
TGUA001-BT Digital indicator with cowl (with Bluetooth) £837.00

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