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Sylvac Scan S25T

Sylvac Scan S25T

The Sylvac Scan S25T is the latest addition to optical measuring systems from Sylvac.

Using the latest Sylvac-Scan technology, this high resolution, high accuracy machine is ideal for rapid measurement of small cylindrical parts up to 26mm diameter and 200mn in length, such as, watch parts, dental implants, bone-screws, automotive, aerospace and general cylindrical parts where inspection time and accuracy matters.

Small yet powerful, the Sylvac-Scan S25T comes equipped with Sylvac’s renowned tilt axis, for comprehensive thread measurement, capable of measuring threads with helix angles up to 30°. Delivered automation ready, with a motorised tailstock for automated clamping, quick release tooling, external I/O connectivity and communication protocols. Easy to use, with an all new operator touch screen interface panel, offering intuitive operation directly on the shop floor, with one click automatic measurement and part recognition.

Download the brochure for a full product specification and options available.

A NEW touch pad operator control panel, enhancing the ease of use for operators directly on the shop floor. The touch pad can be used to, measure parts, review results, print and make programs with Reflex-Click auto measure. No need for operators to interact with the mouse and keyboard of the main PC.

Sylvac-Scan S25T Benefits

  • Reduce inspection time
  • Reduce CNC downtime
  • Reduce investment for control
  • Reduce scrappage
  • Increase inspection frequency
  • Improve process control capabilities
  • Instant report generated by one machine
  • Use directly on the shopfloor
  • Avoid QC bottle necks
  • No specialist training required to operate
  • High resolution and high accuracy <1µm diameters / <3µm length
  • Moving optics with tilt 0-30° for comprehensive thread measurement
  • Scan speed 60mm/s, move 100mm/s,
  • Full 2D scan of part in 4 seconds!
  • High resolution rotary axis 0.0003º
  • Compact design W450 x D520 x H590mm (desktop)
  • Easy to use yet powerful Reflex-Scan+ software
  • New touch pad operator control panel for ease of use on the shop floor (In addition to standard PC)
  • New custom thread wizard software
  • Automation ready, motorised tailstock, I/O connectivity and pneumatic preparation
  • Quick release tooling with ISO MT2 adaptor
  • Dynamic LED status bar (classification, status & tailstock force)

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